Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Home at last!!!

We finally got the leave the hospital and come home.  We made a quick stop by one of the Ennis schools to see my dad where he was working.  He enjoyed seeing her again and I think showing her off to his coworkers.  This was our last picture in the hospital before leaving.  They (Jennifer and Terry) wanted to dress her up in this "going home" outfit.  It was so uncomfortable on her and look silly to me but whatever.  It lasted till we got home then we changed her out of it.  Once again whatever.
Jennifer is doing good.  Terry stayed with us last night to help with some of the things around the house and that was very good.  I think that she is going home today so we will be on our own tonight.  We have to go back to the hospital on Thursday for a two day well baby check.  It doesn't take long but they just want to make sure that we are doing what we need to for Ava.  Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and everybody's comments on the blog.  Jennifer finally got to read them all today and enjoyed them.  


Amy said...

She is precious! So happy for you!
amy b

Nana said...

The pictures are great. You all look wonderful and happy. I love the going home outfit, elegant for an elegant young lady. I am so thankful for the Christian home in which Ava has been born. Cherish each moment for she will change so fast. Love the Lord, each other and Ava and all be great. She will learn the love of the Lord from your example. I can't wait to hold her. Nana