Tuesday, August 19, 2008


So, I hired Nyquil as a nanny so I could post some pics (couldn't find a hispanic one, Jorge).  Just put a little in her pacifier and she went out like a light.  I'm not serious, but Ava has been awake and eating ALL DAY until about an hour ago, so hopefully she will sleep for a little while.  Here are some pictures.

Sleeping-she likes her crib best
Sleeping-she likes her dad, too
Trying to read to her, she didn't like it much
After the first tub bath
Proudly wearing the onesie Jake and Auntie Am bought her
This is the first bath at home-she's not crazy about baths yet
In her car seat-she really likes to ride in the car
In the bouncy seat, she doesn't really like this much yet, either
Pam, Ava, and Micah

Sleeping-she likes to sleep in our bed, also, though we don't let her do it much


Jorge said...

More pics of Micah shirtless really distract from the baby. Thanks for finally finding time to get some pictures. You're a champ. She definitely looks like a two week old. Very mature.

Beck Boys said...

Love the pictures. She is a sweet one. Take it all in it will go very fast.

Karl, Andrea and Kaden said...

Oh! Jennifer, she looks so sweet and small. I want to just reach through there and hold her!

Amber said...

She is so tiny!! Sorry we haven't gotten down there to see you guys yet. Expect us this weekend, I'm comming by my self if I have to!
We'll bring lunch/dinner what ever time it is we'll bring food :)