Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Going home

Ava in Jennifer's arm
Ava sleeping in the hospital
Terry (She hasn't decide what to call herself yet) with Ava 

They have told us that we are going to be able to go home today IF the blood cultures come back with no problems.  When she was born, Jennifer and Ava had a temperature.  Jennifer's left after the birth and Ava's left shortly also but, they still wanted to take blood sample and check to see if anything was wrong.  The doctor came in this morning and told us this but he said that she looked good now and he didn't think that anything would be wrong.  Jennifer is feeling better now and Ava is nursing great.  We did give her a pacifier because she loved to suck on anything.  She would put her hands, towel, or anything and suck.  She still takes to Jennifer really good.  Terry is coming to help us get home.  Some how we are leaving with more stuff than what we brought not including Ava.  We are ready to go home.  It is not much fun being in a hospital when you could be at home doing the same thing.  I will try to get more pictures us soon.  


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theruples said...

Wow! She is so pretty! Congrats again and thanks for sharing the photos. We'll come and see you next time we're in Texas.

- April